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Sports, Pastimes & Recreation in Phuket – Continued from Nature Activities

Phuket Sports and Activities Overview – Below is a taste of what's on offer in terms of sports and activities here on the island.
If you know exactly who or what you're looking for, you can go to our activities directory page here.

ATV – Moving up a gear for the more energetic readers, how about Phuket ATV Tour Co. Ltd., where you can wiz about to your heart's content on a 4 x 4 quad bike.

Big Game Fishing from Phuket – is world renowned and one of the most popular day trip destinations is to the Racha Islands. The islands offer you the opportunity to compete with some of the fastest and most desirable fish in the ocean.

Don't expect a marlin every time though, this would be simply 'catching' not 'fishing'!! but if you don't at least get a few tuna it's a very bad day, as the local guides know these waters like the back of their hands.

The wisest means of success is to book a trip with a reputable charter company, there is a wide variety to choose from, ranging from day trips on a long–tail boat to multi–day trips on high quality sportfishers and our sports and activities directory has a comprehensive list of contacts to assist in your choice.
See also Big Game Fishing.

Fresh water fishing – is very popular with the locals and just about every pond on the island is full of fish.

Many are maintained and stocked by local Thais who will quite happily rent you a rod, or pole and keep you well supplied with beer, all for charging a few Baht per kilo for your catch.

Fishing for fresh water prawns – seems to be the latest craze, as there are quite a few large swimming pool type tanks, here in Phuket.

When I was first taken by a friend and being a 'real' fisherman, I had no high expectations but I had a great time just chilling out and just watching and chatting to the others at the pool.

These places are open 24/7 and after the 'lady-boy' shows close, normally around 2 or 3 am, the Katoeys (the lady-boys) arrive from work, many still wearing their makeup!

This is a free show beyond explanation, watching them catch prawns and then remove them from a hook.

This particular prawn 'farm' can be found in a soi half way along Nai Nai Road, Patong.

10 Pin Bowling – Getting back into the shade and the air–con we have four 10 Pin Bowling establishments on the island and Rock'n'Bowl in Patong Park host regular competitions for the local bars who play for copious amounts of beer.

Lawn Bowls – Slightly more serene and ideal for a balmy evening with a few friends is the Kamala Lawn Bowling Club, the only lawn bowls on the island.

Bungee Jumping – Getting to the hair raising, we have two Bungee Jump centers on the island, one at Patong Park and the other just over the hill in Kathu. One chap I know swears a bungee jump sorted out a bad back problem. I wonder what his shrink thought?

Cable Skiing – Also in Kathu is the island's only Cable Skiing run by Phuket Cable Ski. Learn to do all the tricks in the hands of the experts.

Sea Canoeing – For folks who like their own space and a chance to absorb the beauty of the island Sea Canoeing is becoming more and more popular. Paddle about in your rented canoe and investigate the many isolated parts of the Phuket coastline or its neighboring islands in total peace and tranquility.

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